Ombre Sweater and Jeans Bundle Coral
Ombre Sweater and Jeans Bundle Coral
Ombre Sweater and Jeans Bundle Coral

Ombre Sweater and Jeans Bundle Coral

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Curating the perfect Baby Gift is an art form. We have carefully selected some of our most popular items to present the most stylish comfortable gift bundle. Elegance starts at the beginning with Elegant Baby's Signature Baby's First Jeans for girls. These denim jeans are made of the softest knit denim engineered especially for babies. Our luxurious Ombre cardigan knit sweater features a gradation of colors from light to dark with a festive tassel on the hood and can be embroidered for a personal touch to this perfect gift! Our matching blanket with tassels and cuddly unicorn toy makes this a perfect gift for any occasion!

  • 100% Knit Cotton Jeans
  • 100% Cotton knit sweater and blanket
  • 100% cotton knit toy
  • Highest quality cotton textured knit featuring a festive tassel on the sweaters hood and corners of the blanket.
  • Sweater, hat and blanket: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low; Unicorn toy: damp wipe only, air dry only
  • Available in 0-3 Month and 6-12 Month sizes