White Christening Shawl
White Christening Shawl
White Christening Shawl

White Christening Shawl

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Start your little one's spiritual journey with our elegant White Christening Shawl. It is jacquard woven with a wide Belgian border, giving the shawl a stunning detailed look. Measuring 38" x 44" , the shawl is perfect for wrapping around any baby, promoting peaceful and secure feelings throughout the entire Christening.

  • White Christening Shawl
  • Jacquard knit with a wide Belgian border
  • 60% Cotton 40% Acrylic
  • Measures 38" x 44"
  • Wraps around baby promoting security
  • Machine wash delicate/gentle, Do not bleach, Tumble dry delicate/gentle, Iron low